Terms of Use

Terms of Use

Our websites provide information about the company tetesept, our products and they contain health information for our customers.

The website www.tetesept.com contain information about the company tetesept Pharma GmbH and its products. In addition to this, health information and advice are provided to inform the end user.

tetesept reserves the right to complement, remove or amend the information on the website at any time, without prior notice. The provisions of these Terms of Use do not form a contractual or other formal right towards or on behalf of another party.

Editorial Policy and Quality Assurance

Text is generally created by the editor (Ms. Johanna Hauptenbuchner) and is subject to a standardised editorial and approval process. Should text be created by other authors, it will be approved by Ms. Johanna Hauptenbuchner. Financing occurs exclusively through tetesept’s own mediums. It is not financed through advertisements. No authors fundamentally contribute to the offer who could have potential conflicts of interest.

No Guarantee or Warranty

tetesept strives to constantly update the website, however cannot assume to guarantee the correctness or completeness of the content of these websites where the content and information is not a result of legal obligation (e.g. Imprint and Data Protection Notices). With the exception of damages brought about by intentional or gross negligence, tetesept shall not be held liable for direct, indirect, atypical, accidentally arising or other consequential damages or claims for damages as a result of or in conjunction with your visit to these websites, thus among other things, not for lost profit, business interruption and loss of program or electronic data.
tetesept provides this website’s visitors links to other websites. Particular links on this website lead to content on third-party servers, which evade the tetesept sphere of influence. tetesept shall bear no responsibility for the content of third parties and the consequences of their use by visitors to this website.

Expert Recommendations and Opinions

This website contains, where applicable, the opinions of experts as a useful component for the visitors to this website. Information on this website identified as expert opinion or retrievable from this website through a hyperlink, presents the opinions of the respective experts and therefore does not necessarily coincide with the views of tetesept.

Intellectual Property

Please take note that tetesept enforces the intellectual property right of the company to the fullest extent of the respective law, among other things also via criminal-law measures. The brands, logos and other indicators (together described as “brands”) that appear on this website, are the brands of the owner or licensee tetesept. Without the express written consent of tetesept or the owner of the brand, its depiction of this website provides the visitors neither implicitly nor explicitly with a licence or right to the brand. Furthermore, the reproduction, distribution, amendment or use of this website’s content for purposes other than personal, non-commercial purposes is only permitted with the prior written consent of tetesept. Every copy of the content of this website or a partial copy of the same must display the following copyright notice: Copyright © 2023 tetesept All rights reserved.